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At Survivor’s Alliance for Growth and Employment (SAGE), we provide survivors of human trafficking with employment, on-the-job vocational training, mentorship, and a supportive community that will put them on the path to self-sufficiency. The State Department estimates that between 15,000 to 50,000 women and girls are trafficked each year in the United States. The psychological trauma survivors experience makes it difficult for them to reintegrate into society and live independently. The women in our program aren’t looking for a handout. They are looking to get the skills and experience they need to put their lives back together. Since the work of those involved in the program pays most of our expenses, donations go directly to expanding our program so that we can help more survivors of human trafficking reclaim their lives and build a brighter future for themselves.

“SAGE's career development program has brought me so much peace. I feel prepared and supported for my future, and less fearful of failure." - SAGE Participant

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